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Undoubtedly, selling your home can be a stressful and emotional experience for anyone who is in a financial crisis and is unable to deal with the burden anymore. The uncertainty and mixed emotions can make the selling process even more difficult. Mr. Holmes Inspection and Investments understands this struggle and offers convenient home buying services. You can easily sell your homes with fast closings and no agents required. No repairs or upgrades are needed to qualify, you can sell the home in “as is” condition.

What We Do?

We try to add value to your sale and ensure giving you the best outcome while you sell your most important asset. Throughout the process, Mr. Holmes Inspections and Investments remains in close contact, works dedicatedly with you every step of the way, and prides on its best client service.

We liaise between you and the chosen estate agent to ensure that the sale process proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

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If you want any selling advice

Focus Point

Our focus is to provide timely feedback, close contact, and quick property sale. Mr. Holmes Inspections and Investments offers the best marketing angles and remains proactive throughout. Safeguarding your interests, we ensure that your sale proceeds quickly without any hurdles or complexities. We launch your property onto the market after checking all the marketing materials, potential improvements, and timescales.

If you want any selling advice, please get in touch today! Call at 770 966 3994