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Before you finalize any real estate transaction, it is important to get a quality and accurate home inspection. Mr. Holmes Investments and Inspections is committed to providing you with a detailed, comprehensive, and unbiased inspection report on all the components of your home. We are equipped with the most advanced and efficient tools that help in carrying out the inspection process properly and keenly. We offer a wide variety of certified residential inspection services and comprehensive reporting of the property conditions at the time of inspection. Our easy-to-understand reports are specifically prepared to make the clients aware of the true condition of properties. Additionally, it helps them in making an informed financial decision.

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Following the most advanced techniques, we offer drone services for a roof inspection. This inspects roof covering materials, any damage or leakage, missing components, penetrations, and chimneys.


Mr. Holmes Investments and Inspections offers radon testing to ensure radon presence in your house. We prioritize your health & fitness along with a piece of mind regarding the safety of your home. Radon is a radioactive byproduct that is a health hazard.


Being a one-stop shop for all your problems, Mr. Holmes Investments and Inspections provides safe and effective pest control services with no side effects. Our team of professionals performs a thorough inspection of your home and tactfully manages all the pest problems.


We offer a detailed analysis of internal visible areas like windows, doors, ceilings, stairways, and other structural components for leakage, damage, or sagging. We ensure the safety and strength, insulation, and ventilation conditions thoroughly and prepare a report.
Externally, assess the elements for proper construction, look for damages, missing components, or any other similar concern that might contribute to infiltration or damage to foundations. We keenly observe each and everything to alert you for potential security alerts and issues that need repairs


Complete Line Of Home Inspection Services

We are offering a comprehensive range of local residential inspection services, including residential roofing inspection, residential plumbing inspection, radon inspection, electrical inspection, and pest control services. We dedicatedly perform a home inspection and prepare a report to convey all that we have analyzed. This maintains transparency and makes way for efficient solutions.

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